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Located in the marginal of the Dom Pedro highway in the city of Atibaia, Spel is strategically installed to facilitate the receipt and disposal of goods to all regions of the country The facilities were designed to meet all requirements of the food industry:

Hermetic Production Area (insulating walls without spans or openings, ceiling with lining)
Overpressure system with filtered and washed air
All doors with antechamber
Sanitary barrier at the entrance of employees
Aerial footbridge for visitors
Changing rooms, toilets, restaurant, rest area, laundry, etc.. designed according to GMP

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Administrative Area
Modern, comfortable and optimized, which includes training rooms and an auditorium.

In addition to the packaging laboratory, we have laboratories equipped to evaluate the final product of our client, which the packaging is a key part. For this objective we have experimental kitchen, sensorial analysis, microbiology laboratory and physical-chemical.

Quality Assurance
We have a team of inspectors and analysts who are engaged to maintain and improve the quality of our products. As tools for this, we have implemented Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality System, HACCP and others.

Technical Assistance
Technicians are available to conduct technical visits wherever the customer is located and as quickly as possible.

R & D
We strive for technological upgrading and innovation through courses, workshops, national and international fairs and through global suppliers of raw materials and equipment

Graphic Arts
Our Graphic Arts Department is available to our customers to adapt, develop and improve their finals arts.

Spel invests in high technology equipment for extrusion, coextrusion, bi-orientation, printing (up to 8 colors), cutting and sealing. Our production area is open for visitation from customers, so they can view and get detailed information about our processes.


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Factory Marginal of the D. Pedro I Highway
km 84,6 - Atibaia/SP - Brazil
CEP: 12954-260
Phone: 55 11 2119-1700

Contact: spel@spel.com.br