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Technical Assistance

Spel offers specialist technical assistance with a broad Market vision. Our aim is to respond quickly to customer needs and to find the best solution to their specific problem, in a way that best fits our customers’ process.


There are many ways to get in contact: website, email, phone, WhatsApp or, if necessary, our team may visit the factory and production lines of our customers. We consider the necessary protection for each of our customers’ products, how and why the packaging is being used, how well it does in the production line (speed and efficiency), lesser costs, satisfaction, and honesty in our consultation.


We offer support with our Department of Quality and Laboratory to find the best options for each customer as quickly as possible. We train the factory workers and quality specialists in your company on how to correctly use our products to make them as efficient as possible.


Hence, we are always looking for partners who will grow with us!

General information about our products


Spel products are made according to the strict guidelines of process and quality for food packaging determined by the BPF (Boas Práticas de Fabricação), always taking into consideration the needs and wants of all markets we sell to.


Our care doesn’t end when the product is shipped. We oversee transportation, storing and uses of our packaging by the customer. Because of this, it’s important that the recommendations listed below be carefully followed so that the integrity and quality of the packaging may be preserved, as well as the product to be packaged:


Transport, storage and handling must:

- store the product in the original package (cardboard box and/or protective plastic wrapping), without damaging it;

- conserve the label of the batch, stack, coil or package so that it is always identified

- avoid transportation, loading or unloading of individual packaging that may harm the product;

- keep the packaging in a dry place with air circulation, where it will not be in contact with dust or unpleasant odours. Keep it away from floors, ceilings or walls, and not store in places where the weather may harm the product. Keep it in temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius;

- protect it from sunlight or artificial lights, direct or not;

- use them according to FIFO (First In, First Out) and valid through dates for each material;

- protect the pallet, cardboard box, package or protection from pointy or perfurating objects to avoid damage;

- don’t drag the packaging over irregular or pointy surfaces and ony handle them manually after the hands and workplace have been properly sanitized

Don’t forget: the care taken with the package influences directly the quality of your end result!

In case of doubts, questions and information use in the direct channel.

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