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Technicians are available for consultation with our customers wherever they are as quickly as possible.

Graphic Arts and Design

Customizations, changes, adaptations and new creations are always on hand through our Arts Department, to make sure our customers’ products look the best they possibly can. 


We are always investing in cutting-edge extrusion, co extrusion, bi-directional, printing (up to eight colours), cutting, and welding technology. Our facilities can be visited by our customers, who can see and know more about our processes.

All substrates extruded at Spel Embalagens are available for printing. 

Extruding is the process by which the raw materials become a film. At this stage, the many different types of polymer structures and equipment work in distinct ways to produce a range of materials.

Throughout its 38 years of history, Spel is always investing in and upgrading the technology we use in the making of our top-tear quality products, thus maintaining the company one of the main names in the niche market.


Finishing defines the shape the package will acquire before our customers’ products are wrapped. This stage consists of Cutting, Welding, and Coiling.

Cutting and Welding:

Process that determines the final dimensions of the packages when sold in units. It is a continuous process in which the packages are sequentially prepared.


Process for making materials that are sold in coils by weight or length in meters. It can be “pulled” to be as long as needed.

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