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With the factory plant located in the marginal of Dom Pedro I road, in Atibaia, SP, Spel is strategically located to ease the circulation of products to different parts of the country.


The site was projected according to all the guidelines and national laws concerning the production of food-related goods:


  • Airtight production area (insulated panel walls, no openings, ceiling liner)

  • Positive pressure ventilation with filtered and water washed air

  • All doors contain antechambers

  • Sanitary barrier at employee access areas

  • Pedestrian bridge for visitors

  • Locker rooms, WCs, restaurant, resting area, washroom, and more, projected according to the BPF rules


Modern, comfortable, and optimized, the administrative facilities have offices and rooms for meetings and training.


Our labs test both the quality of our packaging and the final product of our customers after the packaging process. For better results we have an experimental kitchen, facilities for sensorial analysis, and physicochemical and microbiology labs.

Quality Assurance

We have a team of inspectors and analysts that guarantee the maintenance and help improve our products. With such tools, we can implement the BPFs (learn more about that), Quality Management System, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), and more.

Technical Assistance

Technicians are available for consultation with our customers wherever they are as quickly as possible.

We are always looking for the latest and best technology and innovation in the industry through courses, seminars, and international and national conferences and fairs, taking advantage of raw material and equipment distributors worldwide.

Graphic Arts and Design

Customizations, changes, adaptations and new creations are always on hand through our Arts Department, to make sure our customers’ products look the best they possibly can.

Production line

We are always investing in cutting-edge extrusion, co extrusion, bi-directional, printing (up to eight colours), cutting, and welding technology. Our facilities can be visited by our customers, who can see and know more about our processes.

Know our facilities

Heliport Approved
Airway to visitor
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External area
Internal area
Structure for receiving and shipping
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