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Spel Embalagens

Spel Embalagens offers its customers what is modern in this segment of the market.

Flexographic Printing

Flexography is a printing process that allows for bigger speed and quality of printing. Spel has followed the evolution of flexographic printing closely throughout it’s existence and nowadays has a team of highly trained professionals who operate the most modern machinery in order to bring our customers and their businesses the best printed packaging in the market.

Flexographic printing utilizes a CMYK color matrix (Cian, Magenta, Yellow and Key), which combined in different ways can generate many different hues and nuances in color and make for very high-quality printing of both pictures and lines. However, Spel machines can print up to eight colors, which allows for the Pantone color scale (gold, silver, and more!) to be used alongside primary colors. The printing is chosen by the client and can be made as unique as desired!


The Department of Art and Preprinting aids the client in optimizing the printing of the packaging by taking a few precautions throughout the entire process of industrial printing that can help improve the results.

In flexographic printing the art to be printed to the packaging needs to be analysed by the Preprinting department. There, technical aspects such as colour balancing and contrast will be taken into consideration, and the customer may receive suggestions such as altering the writing font or how to adequate the information to be printed in the package to the laws concerning their product. After the alterations are agreed on, the Preprinting Department enforces them and sends the final version back to the customer for approval. Once all alterations are approved, the material is sent to be made into printing clichés.


Once the art is approved, it goes through a process of color separation (CMYK colors combined) and each colors, of which there can be up to eight, is engraved in a rubber template called cliché, which will then be put into the printing machine.

Foto2. Clichê (ilustrativa)

The Art Department is always available to aid and enlighten our customers with whatever questions they may have about printing, whether it concerns the art to be printed itself or to help adapt your content to the size and shape of your packaging. These precautions must be taken so that the final product corresponds to customer expectation.


When the art to be printed has a combination of colors it is necessary that the process be followed with extra attention as to guarantee that the final results looks like the art that the customer agreed to. For such, it is recommended that:

-          In the case of flexographic materials, the image be High Resolution (300dpi) and that it be separated from the arts file as a .psd file;

-          The colours have a high contrast, which helps to read very small or thin lines;

-          The Pantone color scale is used for a better match to the art.


When the art has only drawings and text (without the need to mix colors), we call it Line Printing. In those cases there are no photographs, gradients or combined colors, thus making the printing process simpler. However, it is important to understand that the printed colors are different than seen in LED and LCD monitors in which they are created. To reach a satisfactory color it is recommended that a color from the Pantone scale be chosen. The art also needs to be developed with the awareness that the colors are printed separately, using one cliché for each color. To avoid gaps or overlaps between colors it is recommended:

-          That the text to be printed be bigger than 1 mm;

-          To avoid lines that are too thin;

-          That the color combinations have the least necessary contrast so that the contents can be read


Flexographic printing uses clichés, and this as all industrial processes has limits. Thus, it is important that the art to be printed goes through the Art and Preprinting Department analysis so that the customer can be instructed in how to reach the best possible printing quality.

If there are any questions about the art in your package, contact the Art Department:


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