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Description: Launched in 2002, Slon is one of the most traditional heat-shrinking plastic casings available nowadays. With walls of up to seven layers of plastic, this product is widely commercialized both in and out of Brazil due to its agility within the production line and high thermal and mechanic endurance. Slon is a solid barrier to gases, odours and humidity, which, added to the neat visual of the final product, makes it our sales leader.

slon-e 5.JPG

Shaping: Slon is sold in coils with the diameter and length of each according to customer specifications. As well as the wide range of colours, many different calibres and variations in thickness are available, along with technical assistance to adequate the packaging to our your products.


Printing: Up to eight colours front and back


Uses: Mortadella, bologna sausages, ground meat, pate, pet food, vegan food, icecream, and more! For more information, contact our Technical Assistance.

Technical Assistance.



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