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Spel - PA

Description: Very traditional in the industry, Spel-PA was the sales leader of the processed meat market for many years and brought many improvements in packaging technology. Spel-PA is still the best option for many products, even though newer technologies are available. It is a great barrier to gases and is very resistant, making it adequate for many methods of cooking. ​


Shaping: Spel-PA is the most versatile of all our products! Available as units with soldered bottom and oval cut, micro-perforated or not, or coiled, for wider or longer varieties. For more information, contact our Sales Department.

Adequate widths vary based on the weight of the product that will be packed. For more information, contact our Technical Assistance.


Printing: Up to eight colours front and back.​


Uses: Mortadella, cold meats, sausages, ground meats, and more!


In case of doubts, our technical staff is available.


Technical Assistance.



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