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Description: With walls of up to seven layers of the latest technology in packaging, Spelflex is ideal for automated productions of cooked products in ham presses or similar. Its thermal and mechanical resistance promotes excellent protection to the food product, acting as a barrier to external gases, odours and humidity. Its high adherence to protein--a very important quality for the products contained within-- a strong shine, and high capacity for shrinking provide an admirable finish to the final product.


Shaping: Spelflex is sold in coils, with the diameter and length according to customer specification. As well as ample choice in colours, many different calibers and variations in thickness are available, and we offer technical assistance to ensure the adequacy of our packaging to your products.


Printing: Up to eight colours front and back


Uses: Cooked or boiled ham, sandwiches, cold meats, and similar products.

In case of doubts, our technical staff is available.


Technical Assistance.



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