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Description: Spelvac is our most traditional product. Made with polyamide (nylon) and polyethylene, it is a multilayer packaging ideal for vacuum packed products. With high mechanical resistance, beautiful sheen, transparency and great ease to solder, Spelvac is a barrier to gases and humidity. Its quality makes Spelvac a market staple and very popular product. ​


Shaping: This packaging is sold in units with either the sides, bottom, or both, welded. We have many different sizes and variations in thickness available, making it the best and most adequate packaging to your products. The product can also be sold in tubular coils, for simplicity and agility. For more information contact our Sales Department.


​Printing: Up to eight colours front and back.


Uses: Sausages, bacon, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pastas, and other products that must be vacuum packed.

In case of doubts, our technical staff is available. Information:

Technical Assistance.



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