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Spelvac AP

Description: Our newest product! Spelvac AP combines technology and sophistication to make an incredibly resistant, highly weldable product. Known in the industry as hole-proof, Spelvac AP is the cutting-edge technology for products submitted to vacuum. It’s a solid barrier to gases, humidity, and odours, and its sheen and transparency make it an excellent option to bring more value to your products. ​


Shaping: Sold in units with soldering across the bottom, AP is available in many sizes and thicknesses, and can be tailored to best fit your product. The material can also be sold in tubular coils. Contact our Sales Department for more information.


​Printing: Up to eight colours front and back. ​


Uses: Boned meats, seafood, bacon, and other vacuum-packed products.


In case of doubts, our technical staff is available.


Technical Assistance.



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